Travelling, while not breaking the bank.

Travel the world despite paying debt with these simple tips


Debt is something tied up with the average American. It is something that starts the moment one goes off to college.

In 2018, 44.2 million Americans had approximately $1.48 trillion debt in student loan. Some students even contemplate if a monthly liability while still in school is worth the hassle.

Instead of paying off $350 a month in student loan, some prefer taking that amount elsewhere to multiply. Millennials have embraced the so called “digital nomad” lifestyle where they would take on a remote job and travel the world.

These people are location independent and use technology to perform their job. It allows them to  the are live and travel abroad while working.

Ironically, the feasible exchange rates abroad allows you to flex out even a small US-rated salary to live above means whilst still being able to save.

Here are some ways, tips, and tricks to pay off debt while still affording a nomadic and productive lifestyle. Travel the world despite paying debt with these simple guidelines.


Cheat on currency

We already indicated on top how currencies can be flexed out.

Statistically, a typical working class person spends around $40-50k a year on basic necessities such as food, shelter, transportation, and telephone. That $4,000 a month is bare minimum in the United States but is an enormous amount elsewhere.

Foreign expatriates are able to more than comfortably live on $400 a month in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Thailand.

Some European cities such as Prague and St. Petersburg is another choice if you are willing to spend a little over $400.

All millennials want the good life without paying dues and student debt. The age of social media has sparked a ton of aspiring influencers to hack currencies and travel to places where it multiplies.

Taking on a remote job and traveling might just provide the best of both worlds. Expanding cultural and professional values and ideas are an added bonus when traveling.


Remember that you actually pay for taxes

There is thing called Foreign Earned Income Exemption if you’re outside the United States. The exemption covers the first $101,500 you make. That saves you around $26,246 if you’re an expat.

Just be sure to consult an expert to see if your situation applies. Check out expat tax experts online to help you with the filing process.


Also remember that you are in the Digital Age

The digital age is awesome. It has provided work opportunities for nomads who wish to save on commute and social expenses. That said, that means more money to actually enjoy what can be enjoyed wherever you travel.

Organization is important however, especially if you are dealing with multiple clients. Use technology to your advantage to be able to meet client deadlines, record invoices, create expense records, and organize contracts.

There are apps and software that can handle time management and track productivity. Sometimes it’s just worth investing $10-$20 on these installable applications.

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Foods to eat in Vietnam

The most delicious food to try in Vietnam


Although you can find Vietnamese food in (almost) all corners of the world, nothing really beats eating Vietnamese food where it originated from. What’s even better is that you might not be able to find cheaper food than just there; in Vietnam. It’s an incredibly budget friendly travel destination and you could easily find incredible food for just a few dollars only – sometimes even for 50 cents! So if you’re going to travel to Vietnam, here are the dishes you must try:




You can’t really go to Vietnam without having at least one bowl of warm pho. This noodle soup dish is probably the most beloved Vietnamese dish and has made people from all over the world crazy about it. The broth is prepared one day in advance, the noodles are boiled freshly, the herbs give the soup even more flavor and the toppings are the creme de la creme to this soup. It’s usually served with slices of beef, but you could also get vegetarian and vegan pho. Everyone has their favorite pho place, it’s up to you to find the best one for you.


Banh mi


It’s simple, it’s tasty and it’s so cheap to buy in Vietnam! Banh mi is a Vietnamese style baguette that’s filled with literally everything. You can choose whatever you want basically! The most popular fillings include pâté, slices of meat, salad and hot sauce. But you could also get it with eggs, cheese, or only with salad for example. It might sound simple, but the locals have their way of making a baguette so tasty. What’s even better is that banh mi is one of the cheaper dishes you can get in Vietnam – sometimes the price i s as low as 50 cent for one! So grab one for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late evening snack! Banh mi is something you’ll be craving when you get back home.


Banh xeo


This dish isn’t as famous as the other two are, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not just as good. Banh xeo is a Vietnamese savory pancake that’s usually filled with shrimp and vegetables. You dip it with either soy sauce or peanut sauce – doesn’t that sound super delicious? It’s mostly eaten in Central and South Vietnam, but you could easily find it throughout the country (although some say the best ones are in the south). It’s a classic Vietnamese dish that both locals and foreigners love, and so will you once you get your hands on one!


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Traveling to France – Attractions and Activities that Await you

France is one of the dream travel destinations of many people from all over the world. Many have achieved their dreams of being in this promising country that is well-loved not only for its warm people, array of tourist attractions and unique cuisine, but also by the idea of simply being in the place, which is more than enough to make people traveling to France.

The country offers its locals and visitors with plenty of activities and attractions that will make a short trip insufficient to be able to do and visit all that is has. Paris alone is so amazing and is highly coveted by traveling couples who want to experience its romantic ambiance.

When in France, you should not miss to visit The Louvre, the country’s most famous art museum. It is where you can find the works of Leonardo da Vinci and other art pieces of popular artists. Prepare yourself to be astonished as you witness the beauty and history behind each masterpiece.

Of course, a trip to France won’t be complete without taking a glimpse at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Known as the finest work of art in the city, Eiffel tower get people from different parts of the world traveling to see this 300-meter high attraction. Even from afar, the view of the tower gives off that powerful vibe, which will instantly make you captivated. When you are inside the Eiffel tower, you can find restaurants and stores that will make you want to spend the rest of your day there.

France boasts its Disneyland theme park which can be an ideal place to go when you take your kids with you on your travel. A trip inside the park, a few picture taking sessions and using its rides are enough to give you and your kids the fun you were hoping to achieve.

Visiting to France because of its wine? The country won’t disappoint. In fact, France has a number of vineyards you can visit for some wine tasting or grape harvesting. Some travel packages include a tour in these vineyards that you certainly won’t fail to take advantage of, if you really are a fan of wines and want to see for yourself how their wine cellars look like.

A trip to France is worth every single penny because there is so much that the country offers. Its attractions are just a few of what awaits you on your journey to this country. It is no surprise why until today, people are aiming for it when it comes to their international travel plans. Even those who have been there for quite several times already are still looking forward to return there.

While its language is a bit complicated to learn, you can study basic words that will be more than enough to get you through.

When in France, you will never run out of reasons to enjoy, to get romantic or to simply have fun. It is a perfect destination for all types of travelers.



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How do you choose the best foreign country for a holiday?

You decided that it is time to start traveling and to see other, foreign countries. However, choosing the right country to visit is hard. There are so many to choose from and so many that are recommended. IT can become frustrating and really hard choose the right country that you have saved so long for. With these tips and information, it will now be a lot easier for you to choose the right foreign country for your next holiday:

First, decide what type of holiday you are looking for

There are basically three different types of holidays that you can enjoy. It is a beach holiday, city holiday or a countryside holiday. You need to make sure that you know which type of holiday you are looking for. Do you want to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun, or are you looking for a city where there is life and where you can have a wonderful time shopping and visiting museums?

This is the first thing that you should consider before you can choose the best foreign country for your holiday.

Is it going to be a winter or summer holiday?

Winter and snow, or summer and sun? Some countries might have snow where you can have a great winter holiday. Or, you can choose the countries that are warm and sunny. So, you should make sure that you know if you are going to look for a winter or summer holiday?

Most people will say that they are looking for a summer holiday, but you will be surprised at how many will prefer a winter holiday that is all about skiing and fun in the snow.

Are you looking for a relaxed holiday or one full of adventure?

Some countries offer a relaxed holiday where you are just chilling and rewind after a hard year. Something that most people might prefer. However, there are those people that love adrenaline and that loves a holiday that is full of adventure.

You should do research and find which country are offering you the type of holiday that you are looking for.

A cheap, affordable holiday or is your budget unlimited?

This is almost the most important thing to consider. Your budget. Some countries are really expensive to travel to, and only those with a huge budget can go there without any money worries. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not have a great overseas holiday. There are some great countries with different holiday options that you can choose when you have a

low budget.

Don’t you know where your next holiday is going to be? Then, you should take the time and read this. With this guide and tips, you will know for sure that the country you have chosen is the best possible country for you, your family and your budget.